Fountain on Torvet in Odder

Odder – Denmark’s largest village

Odder has a bit of everything. From exciting attractions and exquisite eateries to a good selection of shopping options and overnight accommodation. Yet is has not outgrown its rural cosiness and attentiveness.

The commercial town that never became a royal borough

With well over 12,000 residents, Odder is by no means a metropolis, but with its large hinterland of smaller villages, it nevertheless has a large selection of shops, cafés and experiences for all tastes. The relative proximity to major cities such as Aarhus and Horsens gives a modern feel to a town which is otherwise characterised by a rural and neighbourly atmosphere.

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Shopping in Rosensgade in Odder

Did you know that one of Denmark's largest Kvickly supermarkets is found in Odder? In Kvickly, you can buy groceries, fashion and interior decor, look at art in the Balkon Galleriet or grab an organic meal at Folkebistroen.

Employee carrying box of fruit and vegetables in Kvickly Odder

Kvickly Odder

The town’s small oases

As in many other cities, Odder's central squares are natural gathering points. The square, Torvet, is always full of life and bustling. Here, the chamber of commerce Køb Odder holds many events throughout the year.

At another square, Polititorvet, you find the beautiful old courthouse and gaol which, today, has been converted into an eatery with outdoor seating. In front of it, children can splash in the fountain or play by the babbling creek. But beware – there is a troll is lurking under the bridge!

Visit the town’s traditional museum

A short distance from the pedestrian street you find Odder Museum in the old part of town and an idyllic area with the old Steam and Water Mill at the centre. The museum will teach you about local history with exciting exhibitions. Look around the mill where time has stood still since production stopped in 1955. 

Nature waits just around the corner

At Odder Museum you find the cosy park, Mølleparken. Just behind the museum's main building and the timber-framed local archive you find a small pond in the park as well as a playground. While the children play, you can sit in this green oasis, listen to the babbling waters of Odder Å and study the many ducks.

Just south of Odder, you find a large forested area which is suitable for hiking. In the beautiful Vejlskoven, you actually feel far removed from urban living. In Rathlousdal Forest, there is an old manor house and a real bear grotto which is very popular with children. 

Spending the night in Odder

Girls being served at the terrace at Montra Odder Parkhotel

Montra Odder Parkhotel