Ruins and ancient monuments in the countryside

Photo: Karin Mehl Pedersen

Odder has been the site of many exciting, but also strange, finds from the past. Spread around the countryside, you find remnants of the past that attest to the historical wealth of the area.  

Sense the presence of history

The Bjørnkær castle mounds are definitely worth a visit. It is said that the oldest tools for distilling spirits in the Nordic countries have been found here. You can also walk in the footsteps of the legendary hero Svend Felding whose story can be traced in several areas of the landscape.

Go to the coast where you can see the remains of Kysing Church – at the top of the hill at Norsminde. Or look at the old stone chests from the early Neolithic period at Rude Strand.


Inspiration for other historic attractions in Odder

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Odder manor houses are sturdy structures

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