Bicyclists cycling on country road near Odder

The Culture Ring – lovely bicycle rides in Eastern Jutland

The Culture Ring is a cycling route of no less than 540 kilometres which takes you through the most beautiful scenery, beautiful cities and cultural attractions of Eastern Jutland. Great experiences and ideal conditions for the cycling tourist await.

A multi-stage cycling holiday

Is 540 kilometres just over the top? That is absolutely OK. The Culture Ring consists of more than 20 stages and you can just do one stage or select a few of the routes and combine them as you please.
Several of The Cultural Ring stages pass through the Odder area. You can ride along the Odder Coast through Odder town, the villages at Horsens Fjord and Alrø, the island with the delicious eateries. From Alrø, you can take the small bicycle ferry to Hjarnø and Snaptun and continue your journey on the south side of Horsens Fjord.