Rose bushes in summer house area near Odder

Six heart trails in the Odder area

A nice, brisk hike is good for both body and soul. However, it may be difficult to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day in a busy day. Fortunately, heart trails across Odder make it easier for us to reach that goal. Put on your hiking boots - and walk with us.

What is a heart trail?

A heart trail is a signposted exercise route which you can recognise by the signs posted along the route bearing the logo of the Heart Association. Heart trails are located where people live and shop. They are located in the cities and also in nature – in other words, wherever you are!

At the same time, they are of a manageable length which makes it easier to find the time to exercise. Anyone can use the trails, any time of day or night.

Heart trails near Odder

Here is our guide to 6 beautiful heart trails around Odder. Enjoy!