Family walking on a path on Tunø on a summer’s day

Lovely hiking trails

Whether you prefer to walk along the coast, in the forests or along urban routes, Odder has the right route for you. Get an overall idea on this page.

Enjoy the nature along the blue of the sea

The Odder Coast covers all of 70 kilometres coastline, waiting to be explored by adventurous nature lovers. For example, try walking from Hou to Saksild on the 8-kilometre stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach. A joy to the eye, we’d like to point out. Or the wheelchair accessible Kyststien ved Hou.

On the car-free island of Tunø, you can take the 8-kilometer walk along the coastline with a treasure map in your hand. If you manage the hardships and solve the tasks on your walk around the island, you receive a medal that will forever remind you of your achievement.

We also recommend a hike around the Gyllingnæs peninsula at the inlet of Horsens Fjord. 

Walk around Tunø and receive a medal

Kyststien ved Hou

Rose bushes in summer house area near Odder

Hjertestien ved Saksild

Immerse yourself in the many local forests

Get far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let your heart rate slow down in one of Odder's many small forests. A stone's throw from Odder, there are several forests with routes worth exploring. For example, in Rathlousdal Forest you can see a beautiful old manor house and a bear grotto which is a remnant of an old zoo.

At Sondrup, you can experience a beautiful hilly landscape covered with forest. At Sondrup Plantation and in the hills of Sondrup/Uldrup Bakker, several vantage points and routes take you through the impressive scenery. In addition, the vantage point, Udsigtshøjene, near Trustrup provide a magnificent view of the fjord.

Study art and cultural history along the city routes

The old commercial town of Odder has several interesting routes that take you through the town's green nature areas, past exciting buildings and interesting works of art.

The heart trail, Hjertestien i Odder, traverses the small oases of the city, the vibrant centre of the city and past cultural and cultural highlights. The route gives a good insight into the town of Odder and, if you are only spending a single day in the town, following the Heart Association's route is a safe choice.

Can we tempt you with a hike for those interested in art? The Odder art route takes you past a total of 19 varied works of art by established and recognised artists. All works are within reasonable walking distance of the town centre.