Children looking out to sea with open arms on Tunø

Ten exciting – and alternative – experiences on Tunø

The car-free island of Tunø is a small natural paradise with an amazing history and atmosphere which you will feel as soon as the ferry puts into the port. Here, are then lovely experiences which are awaiting you.

From treasure hunt to steep cliffs

Tunø is popular with both young families and nature enthusiasts and there are many reasons for this.

Views from the top of the Tunø Church tower

Denmark’s only combined church tower and lighthouse

Don't miss the island's most beautiful view from the unique Tunø Kirke tower which is the only one in Denmark which is also a lighthouse. At the top, you can see why some compare it to Olafur Eliasson's rainbow at Aros in Aarhus. Because, here, you also get a spectacular view in several colours. In fact, in clear weather, you can see all the way to the Great Belt Bridge.

Family of four hiking on trail at Tunø

Treasure hunting on Tunø – fun activity for the entire family

Pick up a treasure map on the ferry and take the 8.3 km walk around the island with it in hand. If you answer the questions correctly along the way, a treasure awaits at the Tunø Merchant’s house which is a beautiful, especially made Tunø medal given to all children and childish grownups. A perfect experience whether the thermometer says 12 or 24 degrees - and it is even free.

Musicians playing instruments at Tunø Festival

A really lovely festival

Since 1987, the Tunø Festival Association has held the lovely, four-day Tunø Festival in early July with lots of good music, island living and a feeling of community. Later in the month, there is the three-day Montmartredage event, where many exciting artists exhibit and work on the festival grounds. On the occasion of the festival, you can buy cold draft beer on Tunø on the way to the island. 

Hike at the foot of a slope on Tunø


The beautiful and distinctive nature of Tunø is something quite special, which is why 90 per cent of the island has been protected since 1965. If you want to experience Danish nature at its best, Tunø is a good place to go.Earlier, the island was covered with oak woods but today it consists of a varied nature with everything from meadow flowers, wilderness with wild honeysuckle, amongst others, to various types of trees such as fig and mulberry trees. They thrive in the special climate.In the steep cliffs to the south and northwest, clear moraine deposits are visible after ice-age glaciers which helped shape the island's hills.

Tunø viewed from the air


The owner of Café Alrø holding a giant filled patty shell


The Tunø ferry seen from the air

Island hopping

Hike at the foot of a slope on Tunø

The coast

Be tempted

Lovely moments sea kayaking along the Odder Coast
Sea kayak in the Norsminde Fjord inlet
Hit the road on your mountain-bike in Odder
Mountain-bike rider on a trail in Bisgaard Forest in Odder
Fishing along the Odder Coast
Man standing in the sea and fishing at Alrø
Lovely hiking trails
Family walking on a path on Tunø on a summer’s day
Get ready for your cycling holiday
Crowd of bicyclists by the bicycle ferry on Alrø
Get ready for your cycling holiday
Crowd of bicyclists by the bicycle ferry on Alrø