Flea bargains at Lopper og Landstil

Antiques and flea market finds in Odder

Do you love making a flea market bargain, find antiques and find second-hand items at a good price? Here are the best hucksters and flea markets in Odder.

Marvellous old treasures await you

Hurry to Odder if you love making good flea market finds. Here, you have plenty of opportunity to go in search of exciting antiques, retro items and unique objects which may even tell the story of the area.

Have your heirlooms repaired

Clothes, furniture, toys, books, glass, ceramics, porcelain, crafts, heirlooms and much more. Here are the best flea markets, hucksters and second-hand shops along the Odder Coast

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Three glasses with smoked salt from Tunø Røgeri on a table


Sunflowers in front of Fru Møllers Mølleri near Odder

Farm shops

An open book on a wooden table

Books, hobbies & electronics

Employee carrying box of fruit and vegetables in Kvickly Odder