Souvenirs in Odder

The best souvenirs in Odder are made by local enthusiasts who care about that which is near and authentic. Here are place where you can find a keepsake to take home. 

Goat’s meat sausages and smoked salt tease your taste buds

Take home a keepsake that is really not 'Made in China' but, rather, created by local enthusiasts who care about all things near and authentic. Taste exquisite specialties from the area or buy them to take home to your kitchen or as a souvenir.

Hike at the foot of a slope on Tunø

Walk around Tunø and receive a medal

The Tunø Treasure Hunt is a fun activity for the whole family where the treasure is a nice and free medal in memory of the visit. Remember to pick up a free treasure map on the Tunø ferry, so you are ready for the walk around the island.

Smoked salt of outstanding quality

If you are visiting the island of Tunø, remember to take home smoked salt from Tunø Røgeri. The salt has been smoked for a minimum of seven days using Danish beech chips, which is apparent from the golden amber colour, the scents and, not least, the taste of the salt. Spice up your cooking by using the salt directly on the meat, fish or fresh vegetables which you can also take home from Tunø's roadside stalls every summer. 

Goat’s cheese on the shelves at Øko Ged og Grønt

See where the goat’s cheese comes from

At Øko Ged & Grønt in Sondrup, you can see how goat’s cheese is made. The milk from 140 dairy goats is turned into beautiful cheeses or yogurt in the small dairy. The farm shop also sells cuts of goat meat and homemade goat’s meat sausages.

Ceramics and tools at Karoline Illum in Sondrup

Ceramics by local artist

From her small workshop, Karoline Illum sells beautiful ceramics at Sondrup Bed & Breakfast where you can also spend the night after a fresh hike or bike ride in Sondrup Bakker.

Wine from own vineyard

Brandbygegaard is a small farm where everything is treated with care and where, at certain times, you can take a walk in the vineyard and greet the farm animals. Here, you also find Vinhuset Kvist & Vitus where you can buy their homemade sparkling apple and grape wine, cider, port, beer, gin and vodka.

Copper flower at Violen in Odder

Copper is the new black

The florist’s Violen has found a special way to use copper to give flowers and plants a lustrous surface. Copper-plated flowers is beautiful decoration for any table.

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Sunflowers in front of Fru Møllers Mølleri near Odder

Farm shops

Rocking horse and other antiques at Møllebo Antik near Sondrup

Antiques and flea market bargains

Bee on a purple flower in Økologiens Have in Odder

Home and garden

Employee carrying box of fruit and vegetables in Kvickly Odder